Don't Forget Our Promise

Mon, 11/04/2019 - 20:11 -- Laker2b

How much is in a promise?

Does everyone have to keep it, 

Or do the circumstances bend?


Do not fret, my graceful friend,

Your name is not here, nor will it ever,

Though many of our friends can deduce it.

They are quite smart.


I am trustworthy, and know to keep.

Do I caution myself over your ability?

I think I do.


That is not a bullet toward your honesty,

But rather my mind playing a kaleidoscope of doubt on the widescreen of my mind.


Until you change that yellow light to red or green,

I will pas de beurre in Limbo.


My patience is short for everything else,

You know that.

But I've been patient since early Semptember,

What damage can a little while longer do?


That much is in a promise.

Your timeline is in our promise.

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