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The country is crumbling to a land unknown We have slowly grown into a hole.  Although our leaders wear no crown It is them, who have an iron role.  Should we as citizens sit back and lie flat?
This is a poem about police shootings. What’s are they doing? NOTHING!!! That might not answer your question, But I know something.  
I thought about it all the time  Even in times of trouble  It would always cross my mind But to believe it always seemed to be a struggle    I couldnt see what everybody else saw
Do we choose to be blindwhy can we not see children are in trouble There's people in need  Do we choose to not talk why can we not speak people begging to be heard but too threatened to escape, too weak Do we choose to be deafWhy can we not hearth
The opportunity they give me are like the fast food handouts they pass out on the street. Profile me and see what I can be. Black and powerful is what I see. I'm more than a thing I'm a human being a heart and soul is what you can't see.
I want to write Write about coffee or the beach The dog or the cat And the song and the boy. I want to learn Learn about the streets I walk The night or the day And the past and the future.
Life without love is lifeless. Love without life is bitter. Everyone knows I'm a sinner, and they keep posting it on twitter.
I Believe…
Everyone makes mistakes, That is inevitable.   Everyone has flaws, I know this to be true.  
You are irrelevant. Who are you to think that  
When you watch the bullies walk through the hall and make fun of all the people they see. Do you realise what you do to their mind when they go home? They sit and think of all these things
This world. Yes. This one The one you're a part of Is dying The United States falls The Middle East quarrels The world is gripped by panic, and fear Pestilence War Poverty
We hide behind a mask of lies To keep the truth from waving "hello" and "goodbye" But have you ever cried through blood shot eyes? Hit after hit, on that emotional high Have your lungs ever hurt so bad,
Don’t pass by that guy on the street He has a name you see He may not be your typical friend But speak to him you just might see He is the one who has been forgotten He just lost his job last week
In a world of black and white, be the shades of grey. They bring value to each day.   In a world of broken dreams, be the shining star. You can reminds each boy and girl,
what is wrong, what is right?   who am i, who are you?   how do i know what i see is real, and how do i know that you are you?  
and if i could snap my fingers and clap my hands and nod my head and stomp my feet or say a word and make anything happen   I'd make a change  
When there is nothing left of us, the people, what will we have? Most often times we thrive to own materialistic items, things of which do not and will not matter in 10 years from now.
I used to be here, Didn't we all. History shows, Powerful nations, Always fall. But we never worry, Never show fear.  Just shake our fists,  And drink a beer. No! Don't cry,
For a while I live in darkness
Bad Practice  
We always look down instead of looking up. We always say no when we can say yes. We always kiss when we can hug. We always walk when we can run. We always stand there when we can do something about this.
Flopping ears and sagging jaws I bolt across a field after the rabbit Digging holes with my big paws   Laying on the grass in the warm sun I sleep and dream and snore This life is full of naps and fun
Why are animals overlooked? People should pick up a book. We tend to be like zombies, With no hobbies
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