Bad Practice

Mon, 12/16/2013 - 11:01 -- ERAFIDI
Bad Practice
As I dawn my blank stare, 
You look at me like you don't care, 
And I know that that's the case, 
It's not my fault I have ADD, 
It's not my fault that you hate me, 
And don't care about my grades,
I can't help but be distracted, 
I can't help that your not active, 
I'm catering to my learning needs, 
The fact that you don't differentiate, 
The fact that I feel like I cant escape, 
My starving brain needs too feed, 
You call your self and educator, 
But your not fit to be a waiter, 
Even they know more about me than you, 
You don't know what the studies show, 
You wouldn't care even if you did know, 
The best practice in the classroom, 
I've been told that no one cares, 
My opinion doesn't matter and that the system is fair, 
Show me these ways learning can be fun! 
I try to learn and I try to think,
You just turn and begin to preach, 
And I sink lower in my seat, 
6 more months till I'm done....
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