What You Would Change

For a while I live in darkness

For a second I live in the light

I'm lost in my own mind and in this place called earth

People in this world look down on me

i can feel their negativity surrounding me

Am i suppose to  live this way?

Years i pray to live in a better life

i give hope that everything can change.

i have faith that one day 

I will be the change.

I would love to one day see myself stride for success

show those who brought me down that I can succeed.

why does everything have to be pulled back from me though

why does money have to be the answer to everything 

To me i see money as a devilish figure

which everyone greeds for 

Cant i just have everything given to me

One day want to live as though I'm a queen

helping everyone to succeed

providing for my family

giving help to those in need

but That is only a dream

Just maybe..

maybe one day i can change the world 

making my dream into a reality.


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