I Made a Change

I thought about it all the time 

Even in times of trouble 

It would always cross my mind

But to believe it always seemed to be a struggle 


I couldnt see what everybody else saw

Because I thought i could never change 

There came a time where I just had to withdraw 

And learn to be alone even if it felt strange 


I knew this was the right thing to do 

So I had to accept being different 

They were used to seeing me in the mix of the group 

But i needed them to stop seeing me as that girl whos so "belligerent"


I noticed a difference in myself 

And so did the people around me 

I want people to know you can turn it around for your self

Because we all have a destiny 


If I can do it YOU can do it too 

Its ok to be diffrent and change so don't me ashamed

Even though it was hard going through what i went through 

Once i had faith and believed in myself I knew I could make a change








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