Why are animals overlooked?

People should pick up a book.

We tend to be like zombies,

With no hobbies

Can we even feel?

We are not robots so why not be real

Open our eyes to reality

Give animals equality

Give them a voice

They don't have a choice

Fight for what’s right

Use all your might

Make a change in their lives

Help them survive

End all the pain

Don’t be so vain

Your heart will have pride

No need to hide

An animal will love you

It will be true

More than you can believe

Don’t choose to leave

There are more out there

Who are unaware

Of the problem of animal abuse

Put your knowledge into good use

You will be a hero

Not a zero

In many eyes

It is no surprise

One must be wise and make the right choice

Help those who can not help themselves

Many disturbing facts roam all around us

No need fus

One just has to search

Here on Earth

To find all the gruesome images

Of animals all ages

Being struck by something horrific

Many don’t understand why I choose to write about such a horrifying topic

A dog, named Ernie, was the one to open my eyes

He showed me the world isn’t perfect

I never felt the need to inspect

His deep scars were proof of that

His fear lasted a while

All we did was love him with a smile

Never leaving his side

Assuring him the worst was over





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