Ignoring the obvious

Do we choose to be blindwhy can we not see children are in trouble There's people in need  Do we choose to not talk why can we not speak people begging to be heard but too threatened to escape, too weak Do we choose to be deafWhy can we not hearthere's people crying for help22,000 humans in poverty, die each year Do we choose to be "disabled"why can we not walk compensatory taken from "special" onesyet we have the nerve to mock  We as society, as a unit encounter these issues each day yet when asked about opinions or helpwe suddenly, have nothing to say  We know what goes on this worldthat desperate "make a change" voice rests in our minds why in the hell would we ignore our capabilities to make this place, once again, kind So do not try to convince me that you are not awareBecause karma is a bitchI promise you, beware 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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