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I feel like my life won’t amount to anything What should I do? I feel like I’m not good enough for anyone What should I do? I feel like my life is falling apart
We ask the question, Why lie?   Well you see,  We aren’t the only ones being lied to   Everything is lies  
When we tell ourselves to be honest,  how can we know what is true? What if the judgement we've always known is a foreign scent to a brother?   If the slip of the tongue becomes the slip of the mind, 
I have done it before I won’t do it again I don’t know my limits But I’ll pretend This world that doesn’t revolve around me,
S    another day, another eight long hours of me holding my breath      T    waiting for something, anything, to go wrong      O   over and over, my soul experiences turmoil to the extent of death      P    this has been going on for way too long 
Nothing hurts more than realizing that as you stood, Tears in your eyes, Body trembling, They stared coldly and lied to your face.   ~awatr
How is our baby bear? Is it healthy is it strong? For you two I'll never cease to care I don't care if chasing you is wrong You are worth the world   I wrote the poem to my ex
 I hope the thought of me hurts you and tears you to shreds,  And makes you never want to see me again.    I hope you fight yourself back from calling me, every time you look at a picture that reminds you,
They knew they should be happyBut it had lost its spark.The light of the relationshipHad faded into dark.They didn’t want to tell h
Life is a dreamI never thought I'd see. One where the flowers bloomAnd sing to me with
To first love, you know who you are you know what you did But why did you have to pick me. There were dozens girls that could have fell for your tricks but still yet it was me you pick. Why?  
Dear My Future Ex,   I'm tired of all the lying and the cheating, Our alliance suffers from treason,   Whenever we talk, we're fire breathing, Only time we aren't fighting, is when we're eating,
Am I Am I beautiful? I know you tell me everyday That I’m more radiant than the sun But I don’t believe it for a second That I’m even remotely attractive   Am I Am I smart?
Help me understand. I must know. I cannot comprehend why you beat him down knife in hand. You tell them you regret him,
She is twenty years old; that means she has been living on this earth for twenty years. However, do not mistake living with feeling alive. Because it has been about five... six, seven, eight, nine.
I promised myself since I was a kid, Any lie to my mind I would forbidBut I've tasted temptation way too soonThis lie has lead me to my ultimate doom.
I'll own it if I have to: I'm a liar to the core. I'm a liar through and through,  but I don't want to anymore, It's old,  what's more, it's tiring I can't lie 'til I lay expiring,
I'm pretty sure that soon there won't be much left of us Our time together slips away like the sand on shore Under and under the waves Sinking and resurfacing Phoenix in the sun
Each flower I picked for you I wished and wished For your words to be true But even the steams Knew you told lies Slowly, they shrunk Without saying their goodbyes Each flower I picked
Make yourself up No one knows who you really are except you, so no one can say you're lying. Except you.
heart sinks. ears hot. eyes wander. and hands fiddle. Don't think or else it becomes real. Hold back. "What do you have to say for yourself?" no response. your actions are real,
There's a reason why we lie. To ourselves and to others. It's because we're afraid of what the truth might do. To ourselves and to others.
My mom is a fighter She is always saying "Things will get better" She laughs and smiles Calls me pretty and smart She works hard to give me things She works hard to feed me She cleans all day
Stop! I hear you I see you You say the words But i just don’t believe you
Mr. Cheetah,   Those who cheatconstantly repeattaking that which is nottheirs, to eat.  
Death from lying Always crying My souls escaping to the sky There is no love among this dark Falling from grace and torn apart Consumed by you I lost myself Lived for your love and happiness
Bewildered by your smile Ready to fall at any time Opened up and let you in Kept you sheltered from the storm. Everything came to a stop
Skin is splotchy from lack of nutrition Dark crevices beneath my eyes from restless nights Hands shacking from loss of stability Eyes sparkless due to a runaway soul Mind caged no longer able to feel
The hurt, the agony, the pain, the betrayal, the lies, the broken promises, the assumptions, the hatred, the run arounds, the tears, the wounds, the scars, the dark, the pain, those dangerous thoughts, the nights alone, the days of torment, the
Heartbreak is something I cannot take. I fly just to fall, Crashing and burning. I've smiled this smile for to long, I'm starting to believe somethings truly wrong. Your love was a lie
I hate everything you said to me,                                                   
When I used to look in the mirror, I would see A girl who struggled, but yet was sometimes pretty. I struggled with my relationship with my family. Although they clothed, fed, housed, and spoiled me,
Boy, Why do you keep on askin If I'm takin? If someone's catchin My attention? You should be thinkin That me and you aren't goin To be somethin.
Ahh I can smell that smell from a mile away.  It's that smell of another women's perfume when he's late. He tries to cover it up with one of those old cigars ,but that never really gets him too far.  
Did you ever think about how lying is just another way of telling someone they’re not worth the truth?
I thought he was intangible He's fragile He is frozen in time He's scared He is now going slow motion in reverse His words are misguided They tear everything apart He battles his secrets
You came to me last You said she broke you apart But she still came first
Born to be set apart from the world
Like a heat with air puffedFinished hunting can lay down my bowTo many birds,Daddy.  
Seeing isn't believing but how does one die to make it true? How does one lie to get away from shoes? Blood falls and people cry but the one who speaks finds all the links in the system to free his greedy soul.
Every bit of every word that comes out of my mouth I swear is nothing but the truth So the day is too dark to see And the night is too bright for me
Truthfully I care Truthfully I will never share True feelings Truthfully I lie Silently I sigh Wishing for something more Anxiously wanting to explore
Deceitful words unkempt By the comb of a human conscience Mistakenly exempt From Karma’s omniscient province Is truth given attempt? Or are falsehoods your native parlance?
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