Darling take our picture

I'm pretty sure that soon there won't be much left of us

Our time together slips away like the sand on shore

Under and under the waves

Sinking and resurfacing

Phoenix in the sun

Our time together is coming to it's end

How like feathers on this new chilly breeze

The faint memories of kisses and controversy fly

away and away the wind

Bobbing and weaving

Birds turn to dots on the clouds


Darling take our picture

Keep it by your heart and even when the morning comes when you won't see me again

Bear it close, like a secret thing

Betrothed in youth and stolen from our places

In the heaviest book our names have been erased

I want to hold your hand but soon you'll be to far away to hear me calling,

Love, I wanna hold your hand

All that's left after lying stripped my throat was,

Darling take our picture

I just wanna remember everyday for forever


I pray to God it's worth it, just,

Darling take our picture.



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