It´s Time.

Help me understand.

I must know.

I cannot comprehend why you beat him down knife in hand.

You tell them you regret him,

But when He sits alone, and no one´s watching.

You sit next to him.

You tell him you love him.    

But tell them you loathe him.

He starts to walk away defeated, and abhorred.

You have filled their ears with mendacious words.

His once friends now enemies,

Recruited by your dishonesty.

Your claims of a baby,

4 months

Then 3 weeks

Then 5 months

Please tell me,

I want to know why you must hurt this boy with your lies.

Why you try so hard to keep him at your bedside,

When you hate him.

You  tell me;

you tell them;

you want to put bruises on his body.

But still want to try to sit next to him,

And tell him you love him.

But you only do it;

When no one is watching

I just don't know why you won´t leave him be,

Because it´s time to move on.

He is in love with me.


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