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Happiness to me is like a warm chest filled with honey, nutmeg, and love. It dances barefoot through fields of grass without a care in the world, and a smile so bright.
 I commend you for all of your achievements and life accomplishments  I can see you’ve been through so much even though you don’t show it on the surface You are everything you need to be to become the person you want to embody  You put your mind t
 I commend you for all of your achievements and life accomplishments  I can see you’ve been through so much even though you don’t show it on the surface You are everything you need to be to become the person you want to embody  You put your mind t
waiting for the time, watching the hours passing by. I’m in between of this, Believing, disbelieving.   This pointless struggling pushing me back. I can't run from this
A person may leave or stay, To know the reason, if I may. A person can always get hurt, Only if they didn’t make the cut.
I don't know anymore But the things I do know is that  I think too much I dream too much I believe too much  I wait too long, my patience runs thin and I give in
Oh, Mystic Michael You were famous in a world that not many people understand Oh, Mystic Michael When you showed up, you were supposed to fix our problems Oh, Mystic Michael
since seeing is believing, i close my eyes,  when i hear lies, because seeing is believing...
You.   We met a year and three months ago, I wonder where all this time did go. Although when we met, I must admit, I had no idea we would end up like this.  
When the going gets going And the tough gets tougher, I need something there to help me to muster   The means to get up, thankfully I got just that They help me out when I reach a small spat
  10 years old   Drowning in anxiety I envy peers who’ve claimed elementary school royalty An alien in my own world
I promise to write every day, Even if it’s only a sentence Or a short paragraph That kinda sucks And sounds like I was drunk
Voices everywhere Running in my mind Cannot let it destroy my life Ignore, Ignore, Ignore, Don’t let anything stop me Believe in myself Ignore negative voices BELIVE in my CHOICES
I didn't believe. What happens when you die? Is there a heaven and hell or am I living a lie? I didn't believe. You see stuff on the news. You figure none of those things can possibly happen to you.
An eighteen year old girl should not have to be surrounded An eighteen year old shouldn’t need to drown in their thoughts A person should never be consumed   My friend is no longer my friend
My Room. Its calm.
The wind picks up and the horizon turns burgundy red The people of this city scurry to their expensive cars  Racing to get home to see the kids, to finish the game, for dinner. But what they don’t see
Seeing these days of darknes
Doors without locks Windows glued shut One Zoloft by day Insomnia by night My week in a mental hospital After I tried to make it all go away   Don't tell me I'm okay
He sits on the bench grasping his ticket  he looks at the train schedules and sees that his train is not due for a long while.  he looks out the window through the thicket and sees no one, not even a single smile.
The sketches in my notebook, and the raindrops on my window This, Blissfully this The art of nature and its beautiful galore, those laughs and those smiles I'd like to see more This, Blissfully this
Watery Sight at times of lonesome Nights, To Ponder, To Whimper of tomorrow’s whispers and what will be in store Or if I’ll mourn. Boiled blood, tears are shed and burn to nothing
The light in her eyes fade The shimmering in her eyes, now as black as coal No meager words can be found to describe how her heart aches This agony. This wretchedness. This torment.
You wouldn't think that it would be this hard to listen to your own thoughts and your own heart. The silence doesn't help, it only makes it worse. The silence makes my thoughts lonely, makes my mind race.
You slapped me for a year, I endured.
In the beginning there was the World, HE and I. The World was vast and forgiving and I was happy.  
Coming in brisk shadows Living in the dark corners of my mind Bringing light into my world As you take me away   Pushing the sails with your gentle hands While thrusting the tides with your warm air
Tell me how I am supposed to know what to believe in,
To reach the dream I can achieve The only support is I need to believe Time is my only foe Hoping one day write for a television show To begin my route, it will be an uphill battle 
First its food then it's sleep  It says now and then says later First its love then it's hate Imagine home and then realize your far away  Sometimes people lose me  but im still here
  Gone with the Wind             There’s a pin             A little sin             Come here             Don’t go dear            
  Watch What I Become             Smile with relish             Together we still are             Mountains tower between us
A Reflection of pure               Brought from mists             Darting away             Flashing my sight             Creasing a smirk            
Revived Among Lost Time               Played among a thin line             Life was pail and blind             Sick with poison
Seen Through Unseen Glass               Fogged by judgment             Little see the truth             Eyes of one             Find many beautiful creations
Never Forget   You Stained by bloody waters A past haunts your present being I see the pain in your eyes The beauty of humanity   Rests under your soul
A crickety seasaw with an invisible old man on the other end.  You go up and down, sometimes close to falling, but you hold on, nonetheless.
You lit up my life since the start You are the fire inside of me You are the inspiration deep inside of my heart You taught me to always believe  Yet believing was so hard for me to achieve
There's pain in my vains still this day, cant explain how you put me to shame. Saw me as a broken love, didn't give me a chance to undercover the talent that was given 
Noises… they merge and devour to the hallway nearby Bypassing the exit sign, it's still there… but it hides away, Seeping underneath the door panel of what appears To be no... safe way out.
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