The Secret to Believing


10 years old


Drowning in anxiety

I envy peers who’ve claimed elementary school royalty

An alien in my own world

All I want is to fit in


Too naive to understand the hands of time

Blink an eye, I wave goodbye to my little girl dress

Yet I don’t have the courage to address

The copious amounts of problems within humanity


Characters within my stories

Save the world, rekindle the glory

Befriend the dragons and ogres

Providing me with courage to become bolder


14 years old

I am a grain of sand in a sea of despair

Unintentionally wearing an invisibility cloak at all times

Pen and paper as an antidote in a world of heartbreakers

The key to survival, I travel to my perfect imaginary world  


Bipolar becomes my identity

Straying from who I was meant to be

On a ride downhill, numb- I cannot feel

Hope is dissolving in my eyes, as my lies become my disguise


Poetry exchanges my tears for energy

To battle the ones who cannot see

Releasing the pain as words I cannot say

On my journey to find the meaning of okay


18 years old


I have become an outcast who no longer wears a mask

Questioning why things are the way they are

I label myself as a dimming star

As my poems exhibit my prayers of redemption


Writing about a past that cannot be undone

All of the fights I simply have not won

Yet I now extend my weapons out in front

My heart promises that freedom has begun


Perfection is not the solution for

An Earth that is constantly at war

My eyes wander to a future world

Where perhaps together, we can create miracles


20 years old


Faith in change has been redeemed

Praying that countless words will start to mean

One day humanity will stand hand in hand

One small step for revolution, one giant leap for mankind


Social media lowers my self esteem

My written words encourage me

Allowing me to feel,
Joining me on a journey to heal


One day I will share lessons learned

With those who also yearn,

To live in a universe of peace

I will give them hope and they will see

They can unlock the door to eternal beauty

This poem is about: 
Our world


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