Things Like

When the going gets going

And the tough gets tougher,

I need something there to help me to muster


The means to get up, thankfully I got just that

They help me out when I reach a small spat

in my life, but I find a mean to get it all out,

Things that that through me flow like pike


Things like


The shadows beneath the trees, the ones their leaves portray

Weeping willows and the way that they sway

Funny jokes and deep belly laughs

Believe it or not, math and its graphs


The way that the sun hits my mom's smile just that way

The way my old jeans continue to fray

The warmness I feel when nostalgia kicks in

The sweet sting of sun on my skin


The reliability of rain

The occasional pain

To know I'm never alone

And very far from plain



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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