believing, disbelieving

waiting for the time,

watching the hours passing by.

I’m in between of this,

Believing, disbelieving.


This pointless struggling

pushing me back.

I can't run from this

Believing, disbelieving.


It’s like I’m hanging on

Can't hold it back any more,

I'm in the wilderness of this,

Believing, disbelieving.


Hiding from this,

I’m running wild to find a way,

To get through this

Believing, disbelieving.


Living like this,

I’m trap in shattered mind,

I’m suffering from this,

Believing, disbelieving.


But I can’t let it happen

I just don’t let it be

How could I let it get rid of me

Believing, disbelieving.


It’s not so simple and easy,

Twisting me, turning me round and round

But it can’t take my soul in between of this

Believing, disbelieving.



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Our world
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Elm H. Levender

its about taking options that we are uncertain of the consequances. In reality its not the option that we are uncertain about. But ourself is it ok for us or are capble of doing this. 

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