Poems about gender

You are my brother Not by blood, marriage, sex, or gender But by love and unfortunate anguish
I live in a worldWhere genderDetermines lifeWhere a rod between your legs makes you superior
While growing up in a fast laneShe started these fast ways
So let me tell you, it started with this girl,
What ever happened to the innocent hellos? And the guys mesmerized by a girls eyes..
  They have always asked us a question Judged us like a book cover And they expect us to answer  
The types of diversity include race, religion, gender, age, ethic group, cultural, nationality, sexual orientation, social class, geograp
(poems go Fear of the unknown sparks the uneasiness in man
I concur. If it's against my religion, it should be illegal. And while we're passing laws,
"Just hanging out with a friend, Honey” he said, with his back turned to us as he spoke lovingly to his wife