Poems about gender

your Consent is more relevant to me and what I want andhow and if it goes beyond my appreciation of you aspleasing to beholdthan your gen
  The first thing they tell me is that I’m “barely”   Barely Native   Barely colored  
In this life, you will see There are no guarantees
What education means to me
The simple term love Is seriously overly used. People may say it, but do they mean it?
I don’t get what people have against people of different race And sexuality it’s not fair to treat them like
Love is the sound of birds chirping loudly every spring morning. Love is the way lovers whisper in the the dark.
For a second be civilized peer through someone else's eyes who was once terrorized
There are people around our Earth Who fight for life through lack and dearth There are thousands without clean water
I hold these truths to be self evident, though many people cannot see we were all created equal from sea to shining sea