Poems about gender

If I could change the world, I would change its eyes I would change skin tones from various colors to one
If I had the power to change the world I wouldn't ask for much but for the following three objectives: wars wouldn't have ever exist, pe
If I could draw the world the way I would, I would draw a smile on every child.
Their love is in secret, their passion concealed No acceptance from peers, their feelings aren’t real
They say the norm is man & woman.. But who really said?
Things cycling in my head on repeat. Repeat.
how come its gone? the concept the reasoning behind  true love  how come its hidden behing religious views 
In a world that only exists in magazine ads, vintage posters and royalty, a woman is respected and revered,
There was a boy in love with me Disguised in his drawl with dirty teeth. Found my brother, then saw me.