Poems about Bullying

Why do you pick on that kid everyday?  She may be feeling like a stray.  Do you think it makes her feel ok? 
                               I don’t understand 
You may see a person that is being bullied. You'd would have been tallying. You stop and  watch
There is something cold and dark inside of me. What else can it be called?
For eight minutes and forty six seconds, George Floyd
I look in the mirror and see the little girl that was so excited about growing up and I wonder what she would think of me now w
My sister always wore her hair in braids She would weave them in straight lines like static patterns
                                                                          PICKING PARSLEY
Bring the meat and I'll make sauce Producing a dinner most debauched I'm tired of self important pussies
  Most bullies are cowards Most dictators are liars