Poems about gender

America. Land of the free.
Our poor forsaken generation Focus...focus....focus Man if I don't blow this it's like I can't focus
And suddenly it hits me like a punch in the gut that I can BE all these beautiful things I read:
Where could I get sympathy? For my nationality? For my Race? My Hair color? Eye Color? My religion?
Well, it seems we have a bit of a problem We've stuck ourselves in the exact same situation
Beyond Walls
I was judged before I even came out my mother's womb I was counted out and scorned despite my inner beauty
The country rolls on to its Republic Day, Its youth feels the pinch, the pain, Screams, cries, shouts and the anger,
I am disappointed. Disappointed in America. Disappointed in American citizens.
Who am I with no filter. with no color. with no sex  gender, or orientaion. with no reglious affiliantions. with no makeup.