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i wish i could feel so that i can cry or laugh or smile for real cause right now it feels fake with walls too thick and arches too high soon it should be bound to break
It's so ironic how after heartbreak, a simple everyday item turns into the things that makes you fall apart, And it doesn't take much for every little thing to remind me of you, even though you were the one who broke my heart.
A new emotion formed out of my mind. A feeling that doesn’t aim to stay in my heart and decay into my thoughts. I used to feel everything all at the same time.They weigh heavy in my mind.Each feeling all were mostly active at the same time I knew
A cardboard cut out A want-to-be, Of a down-to-earth Personality. Just a bit more in touch, With reality. Can't handle day-to-day. And there's no such thing as peace. So numb as ever,
We view our lives, Through a lens called hope. But mine is cracked, And full of holes
Hello there, little warrior boy Are you getting lonely? Cheer for the saints, It's the demons who own thee. Fall up and bare arms, Against king's of decree. Learn how to let go,
Dear..... ?
I'm fractured, my love. by my daily interactions. every hello slips through my fingers like water. a bit of it stays with me, of course an echo of what I once held. but i'm fractured my love.
All I've got left, Are moss covered dreams. Wrapped in a conccon. my soul's falling asleep.
I feel numb inside Detached from myself and everything around me No amount of love or comfort Could thaw this heart of mine.   I feel like a ghost
Its like your whole body is just numb n your thoughts are finally slower n you can actually think and feel the emotion you are sopost to feel... You have like more patients kinda but not really n you have a way way longer fuse till you get mad..
It finally hit me… That feeling. You know it. Nothing.   You heard me right.   Just.   Nothing.  
To dull the pain of losing you I swallowed that nectar Plunged the blade into my leg But before i was consumed I reached out to you
cutter, killer what have you done? did you learn to make tights knots? or play with a gun? Silent, Loner. it this any fun? you sink deeper and deeper. the demons have won. Empty, hollow.
Today is the worst day. I knew it would be. My last goodbye to you Was yesterday And I look back To see what I missed A call, a text, a post Should I have Called you, texted, replied?
Here’s what really happens, You shut down, you go blank. One minute you’re here, the next one your mind is dragging itself around in circles like an old dog.
no i don't do much damage. no, it doesn't hurt; line after line, and a grave in the dirt. no i don't hate my life, well maybe sometimes. depression's a curse. no that's not a lie.
In every night, there is a morning. In every morning, there is a night. But in the darkness of every night, there will never be a light.
How the world is against feeling numb! The towering trees demanding awe,  The twittering birds crying for attention, The fascination one feels from looking at a lake. How beautiful the feeling of being in love,
they know not a word for her feeling nor reveal the pseudonym state of mind Lucid images scream high with clarity but all is dark and neon will dance undefined
Breath init hurts Breath outit hurts Breath init hurts Breath outit hurts In thru my mouth out through my nose
I'm home and I'm alone.  I have family and personal issues so I beg for a clone.  My dad tries talking to me but I tell him to "leave  me alone". Ive turn cold, I can't even imagine what it's like to grow old.
I feel  like I'm always  on the edge of something.    Waiting.   For what, I don't know.   Anything happy,  or anything sad, 
I wish not to be forgotten Or my seemingly numb heart Because of the things I’ve said But did not meant And my dry voice
I don't know if I'm anxious or depressed or suicidal or really if I even exist.   All I know is  nothing seems real and all I can feel is the absolute lack of feeling.  
You have consumed my thoughts. How are you? You have become a part of my daily routine. Should I text him? You drive me crazy. Why hasn't he replied? I think I am becoming depressed.
I am terrified I shelter my heart with my hands I am terrified to hurt and to hurt another I am terrified I am numb I am... numb I am terrified so please, please don't abandon me darling
My body is no longer tied down to this rugged earth           by limbs too weighed down by darkness. I'm floating.          unfeeling,          nothing but air.           The usual chaos has stopped its storm
A year ago I had been frozen. The frigid frost had seeped into my mind, Spread into my heart no matter the obstacle I had set before it And I could not stop all my senses from becoming numb to the world.   
If I may be honest, I don't feel much  anymore. There are things, far and few between that cause a twinge in my heart. A wilted flower, a father's embrace, a lover's prayer,
I should be sleeping, Smiling at sweet and happy dreams, But instead I lay here in bed, Anxiously awaiting day break. I fear closing my eyes, And wandering into my head
What is worse than breaking a promise, One you made to a friend? Breaking the one you made to yourself. I made myself a promise long ago, When the world seemed open That I would be okay.
Follow the flow of the wind. Long days and clocks never say goodbye, Going in circles watching your whole world spin.  
Hope flickers like a small flame Easily put out in the wind of the ghastly night. So I lay on the cold hard floor Staring at the silver moon dancing. Dancing with the fading stars Across the onyx abyss.
How did she get him? How did her get her? Why do we have to be related Live under what they call a roof
It's gone It's past It won't come back It's dead It's faded There's a crack In what once was But now isn't Anymore It was open But now The door Is closed
Nothing stands out Numbness takes over Robotic movements Apathy bleeds in And emotions Fade away Muted and dim Somewhere In the background While a being With no face
I can't feel. It's not because I don't want to. It's because of my past. My past has scarred me so much, Even if I wanted to feel sorry, bad, or happy; I couldn't.
PUSH DOWN AND TURN. Something quickly learned. Sleep from a bottle. Happiness from a flask. Consume so much that I'm never coming back. Numb my senses. Fall in love with the drugs.
Often I find myself in thought Silent on the outside, screaming on the inside Internally I fought
My mind is spinning I am going to throw up Anxiety kills ~Dmonica
What if everything changed? What if it got better? What if it got worse? What if it I was happy?
I am alone at the sea. Bound by the wind. I only go where it flows. I've only been where it's been.   I am transferred to the desert. Sit on top of sandy dunes. The sun scorches my skin.
I can feel everything on the inside,
I’ve eaten my heart out in the rain,
I’m the kind of girl, who will go outside without a coat on And lay in the middle of an ice rink, Until the coldness turns everything numb. And I welcome the cold I welcome the numbness.
I am full. My skin is bursting. These organs are bloated, my brain is water-logged.
When I get comfortable I always feel pain
I grew up Today thinking Cold, calculated logic   I walk around
This world is so full of hate, so full of pain. People starve and go hungry, People war and die,
Lets get a few things straight. 1. I am not okay. and  2. I'm not the same person who left the house a few months ago. 3. There are so many secrets that I'm keeping. but 
The silence that fills his ears mirrors the emptiness that lives within him.Yet the chaos that controls his mindpenetrates as deeply as the scars that litter his skin.
She completely tore him apart.Molecule by molecule he started to evaporate,only there was no cycle of reincarnation this time.
He desired to be numb and cold
Little hands so cold and frail against the snow, they seem pale then the numbness comes as senses fail
I'm lost. I'm lost and I don't know where to go from here. I'm being battered by the whirling chaos that is my mind. I'm doing things that I never thought I would. 
Need something to numb the pain   You've introduced yourself to intimacy A vacation from the everyday with another vessel The pleasure of being wanted takes over you emotionally
I've been searching for a long   time For myself in the darkness  Searching for the right words to   chime  In order to feel that sweet   caress  The caress that is self discovery
Silence. It can be a warm embrace after a world of chaos and pain. The sudden realization of it all though, of the sheer sound of nothing, now that's different. When you realize what silence brings.
Some days it feels like I barely have the strength to hold on to reality. As if at any minute I'll drift away like a silky ribbon in the breeze. Numb. To everything and nothing at all.
We walked aimlessly with direction happening upon that one perfect moment.                                     To Rest. Sizzled mimosa pours freshen my mind’s thoughts of you sweet sweet endangered—
Dead eyes move in slow motion Dead eyes see so much pain Dead eyes look into the past With the lenses of retrospect, dead eyes see everything more clearly Dead eyes stare off, stilled by hurt and sadness
Numb. when. Sadness. swallows. Happiness.
I have zero desire to do anything constructive;
I get HIGH SNIFF, SNIFF Into another place
it's 4am and im not feeling sleepy at all it keeps me wide awake, worrying the silly little details that will not matter when i look back New Years was only a couple days ago and im starting a new life
They go through their motions numbly Like stiff, rickety robots without a care They move through their actions dumbly  Like they could honestly be anywhere Yet here I stand watching them numbly 
Your sad voice echos in my head Your words grate on my ear My heart, my soul I sing with you and feel your pain
A familiar numbness creeps over my soul. I feel nothing. But at the same time, I feel everything.   I feel the weight of guilt, the pain of losing a friend,
  Lost in thought
I feel as if, if I let a tear drop my body would erratically shatter. To bite the bitterness away with coldness. To repress the said with utter and complete numbness. To shiver away the sense of alone. To drift off and never return.
Numb, so numb My heart breaking into so many tiny pieces would not affect me in the slightest. so numb a paper cut is less than a scratch. num, absolutely so.
Another nightmare into heaven Send a prayer to the devil Tell him I am no longer his minion No longer his prize
How  am I supposed to focus on all the good in life when I am ever so  Numb  like the scars on my wrist, the ones that never made it past my skin Frantic 
I dare you to    Stare through the dirt-smeared windows.  Behold two panes of heavy glass.  Feel the pain of the tear-stained past.    Hollow and empty, they live while dead. 
A generation defiled Immorality welcomed Violence befriended Ignorance praised I am a sinner I know it I own it Stick it to the man Stick it to their God My God...
My fingers move like rusty chains I hear the creaking of my bones as I try to move them My fingers are numb My toes and knees are as heavy as rocks They shake as much as the trees I can no longer feel my knees
Today I don’t exist. I’ll be the sound of the falling tree that no one hears I’ll be alone all day and won’t take a thing away from the world Because today I don’t exist.
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