The Act of Rotation

Follow the flow of the wind.

Long days and clocks never say goodbye,

Going in circles watching your whole world spin.


Soft petaled flowers and vibrant butterflies never once sinned,

Gray days and gloomy skies

That follow the flow of the wind.


Warm orange flames creep up on a rusting tin.

Not a bird up above, not a bird to fly

Up high, and go in circles while their whole world spins.


Empty parks, creaking swings, and all lights dimmed

Making everything look incomplete; a hopeless lullaby

Following the flow of the wind.


And what about you? When do you get to see your fluttering fins?

Never a happy face, never a mended tie

While going in circles, watching your whole world spin.


And when you finally lay, fast, flickering photos of your kin

Capturing every bit of your surroundings and what has passed you by.

Follow the flow of the wind.

It may be that the whole world goes in circles while you simply spin.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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