She completely tore him apart.
Molecule by molecule he started to evaporate,
only there was no cycle of reincarnation this time.

She - who knew him inside and out,
every secret, every button, every mask, every scar,
she knew him better than he knew himself -
and yet she completely erased his existence.
Out of fear, out of spite, out of malice,
out of ignorance, who knows?

He knows nothing.
He walks the halls and streets unfeeling,
uncaring, cold, and distant.
His reality is now something so alien, so foreign,
so unrecognizable that he cannot even anchor himself
in the faces of his friends;
their design so grotesque to him,
his sense of sight so severely altered
that his surroundings send him spiraling out of control.

Panic sets in as he flails,
trying to plant one foot on the ground that he once called home,
but to no avail
as he realizes with horror
that she was his home.

Now shattered like glass, the remains pierce his heart.
His only resolve:
to move on
and forget,
forever searching for the answer:
Was it worth it?



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.   

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