Just One Job May Change My Life Scholarship Slam

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Have you ever reached out to touch the heaven in her bones Have you ever reached out and brushed the hell that well all know Her mind bleeds power and I intend to know it
My car doesn’t run
Troubled times For one, Heard from the distance. The world shakes, But only around her Tiny frame --
I've been there before, the mean mugs and sneers as I walked up at the board, it was a surprise to find a young colored girl in an advanced education class, it was hard time getting into too,
I am karma in human form. I aid the weak and punish the wicked. I am a protector, fighter and punisher. Under my gaze, all are equal and all get what they deserve. I am justice. A justice. 
I want to be a social worker Helping kids who remind me of myself when I was young Kids who are broken and battered and want to be free Kids who are beaten by their dad Who is supposed to love and protect them
Etched in stone is one facet of life While another lies waiting and willing to thrive. The career that cannot now be changed
Exausted. Leaning in to rest on my elbows, Let my eyes go black with magnetic lids... Newton. Carter. Poe. Hippocrates... NO. Eyes open. My lids repelled from each other. Awake. Be Awake.
As a victim of his magic and mystery, It is my asperation to be Walt Disney, His travels to seek inspiration were great, It is through our creativity that we most relate, Creating heartwrenching movies is my dream,
Change may come, change my go, change will always be a possibility but one must make it a necessity.
He was six then. Maybe it was the smile. Maybe he shouldn't wear those overalls anymore.   He told Mom. Her smile was much brighter than any hurtful words
One job One chance One moment Is what everyone wants The only thing That is different Is the reason why They want their moment If I could have The one job
A cubicle or a briefcase,
I want to teach It's my future goal and my childhood game I can become a teacher But . . . is there more I can see the world It's in books and on tv I can hear it so clearly
Engineering body parts Is harder than you think but nothings more rewarding  than artificial limbs  Making artificial legs  for a soldier thats in need  is what I'm looking forward to 
My dream job is to be a Drug Representative and to have my own business where I hire women only with as much drive as myself. This job would change my life in many ways.
Clack, Clack, ClackWheels run across the airport tileChamonix, France, reads the kioskA vehicle transports me to the mountainSkis and notebook in towI am welcomed by a sign "Freeride World Tour"
Since the day i took off my cap and gown,  "What do you want to do with your life?" echoed between my ears Only another question that makes me consider
A diamond in it's glory is just For when found in the rough It's only compared to the dust. No one cares if it has one scuff   For after all, it is a diamond.  
I answer your calls. I pay your bills. I file your papers. I create your schedule. I am your control center. I am your office manager.
Some wish to have that career,  That will give them millions the rest of their lives. Some wish to have that career, That will give them fame the rest of their lives. I am different.
What do you want to be? A surgeon, a scientist, and a life-saver. Years go by, the student never sways in her goals. College. What do you want to be? I don't know.  Why?
Once Upon a Time… To be or not to be…   Famous lines through out time, throughout history. We all know them. Regardless if we have read the book. I want to be that line.
I’ve spent my life trying Trying to do everything Trying to be the best Trying to make my family proud In the beginning it was selfish I’d try to be a brat
They say you must be quick on your feet If that's the case, I wish to be a Olympic athlete Setting a world record of 8 seconds in the 100 yard dash    They say always make the other look good
Flaxin, gilded, amber orbs, amist a magnificent  mammoth muzzle. Kaleidoscope eyes amongst the puzzle that is her exsistance.   My lioness, my companion, and friend my baby.
I look at a baby who now can breathe, and I see the future. I look at a little girl who now can sing, and I see joy. I look at a teenage boy who now can run, and I see hope.
It takes over $200,000 to make just one lawyerIt takes blood, sweat, and tears just to impress an employer
Some people were born to travel; To see the wonders This world has to offer.   Some women were born to serve; To serve each citizen Of the United States of America.  
It only takes a story to: - change a thought - change a feeling - change what ought - change a meanining It only takes a story to: change the world  
People always ask me  "What do you want to do?" I could paint, I could bake, I could fly to the moon But though all of these seem exciting and fun None of these jobs scream "this is the one!"  
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