I’ve spent my life


I’ve spent my life trying

Trying to do everything

Trying to be the best

Trying to make my family proud

In the beginning it was selfish

I’d try to be a brat

To show how I hated my parents fighting

To stand out from the wall

To stand out from the crowd

Then I was trying to counteract the bullying

Hoping to stop the pain

Wanting to get out

School was not safe

Home was not safe

The only safety I found was in books

Years down the road my parents split up

My mom comes out as lesbian

Her partner moves in

I’m at a new school

Life is uncertain and terrifying

Everyday being told I’m going to hell

for not REJECTING my own mother

being rejected by my peers and their families once again

where could I go

What could I do

I’m only one person

and one person can only take so much

grades suffered

lost and confused

hurting with no one to help

Flash forward

Junior year

Returning to the school that caused so much pain

New attitude

This year I’m doing ME

I’m improving ME

not anyone else

Made friends

Got good grades

Joined sports

Did extracurricular activities

Senior year

Working my butt off

honor roll

A lead drama role

good year

triumph through my tribulation

Next year begins my life

my family is split and struggling

Still working hard

Sometimes we need a helping hand.

What I’m aiming for

Marine Biology


Because I’ve always loved everything about water

all the animals and plants

the way it moves and soothes

always there

always strong

I want to explore

water is the next frontier in science

To make my mark on the world

To stand out

To discover new things

To bring new knowledge to this world

To give someone else something to hope for

Be a part of making other’s dreams a reality

Make myself happy and successful
To be the best me I can be


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