Just One Lawyer


It takes over $200,000 to make just one lawyer

It takes blood, sweat, and tears just to impress an employer

After seven years of academic strife

Here’s the job that just might change my life


Summer after summer in month-long internships

Writing paper after paper to just get a grip

On a dream that makes it seem like I’ll never get to sit

After dealing with the unappealing system of faulty politics


How will I get the job you ask?

My theory constitutes series of complicated tasks

Those that require dedication and hard work;

Those that will make the honest and uncorrupted smirk


Those that will put the misrepresented in a better place

Those that will put a smile on the underdog’s face

Those that will bring justice and equality to a world that’s so corrupt

These tasks are ones that will simply interrupt

The game that’s played by the wealthy and those with immoral power

A game that has been played to the very hour


This is a game that can be stopped with rigorous education

But the obstacle we face is its rising costs in our nation

Right after college, I plan to go to law school

Here I will gain every useful tool


That will help me in the field of forensics

To help others who are injured or sick

And others who simply don’t understand the law;

Those whose circumstances would leave one in awe


To make it in a field such as this

One needs financial support, dedication, and wits

Of the three, one stands out as a growing necessity

However, each of the three are very important to me


There is a growing need for financial support

Though resources are items that we learn how to sort

Into not only our present, but also our future lives

But there is one thing I’ve come to realize


It takes heart, trust, and compassion to make just one lawyer

It takes time, patience, and education to take down an exploiter

Stopping those who inflict years of strife;

This is what makes becoming a lawyer one job that just might change my life




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