The Sirens' Call

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 03:13 -- KAMO

Troubled times

For one,

Heard from the distance.

The world shakes,

But only around her

Tiny frame --

The dreaded news,

A hurricane.


The sirens' call

Won’t be ignored.

Her ship turns to the rocks on shore.

Willpower will not change its course.

The wailing of the metal horse,

An ambulance the metal horse.


And with a sudden, sickening crash,

The siren’s news a bitter lash,

As the serpents crashed her ship near bay,

A hospital becomes her destiny.


Held hostage by her body’s inability,

To move and to do and function normally,

She lays trapped in her bed,

Remembering things she did and said,

Those things that seemed so normal.


Seeing the wreck that commenced,

A man standing on shore,

Acting on what could be done --

His actions are without scorn.

Knowing well the siren’s sound,

Without scorn he did mourn.


He catches the sirens one by one,

Her tattered boat he mends,

Earnestly fixing the cracks and bends,

Not taking the treasure within.


She slowly but surely regains her health,

With the care of her doctor,

Who, willing to get her all the way well,

All his mind and energies he fosters.


Her ship afloat on the salty ocean,

He returns the vessel to her.

She waves her final goodbyes,

He too, not expecting her return --

Knowing the ship was not worn,

Knowing the ship well formed.


This gentle man may not seem,

The most imfamous fellow,

For I am going to be that man--



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