It's My Turn


I want to be a social worker

Helping kids who remind me of myself when I was young

Kids who are broken and battered and want to be free

Kids who are beaten by their dad

Who is supposed to love and protect them

Not smack them around when he’s mad

I want to be a social worker

And I know I’ll have to persevere

To save those abused children

Whose cries I always hear

I know it will be hard

To relive those days when it was I who felt hopeless inside

Those days when my father hit me

So much I thought I would die

But I will be able to empathize

Because I understand why they feel

Like they can’t trust anyone ever

I’ll help them to cope

I’ll help them to deal

I’ve promised myself I would be a social worker

Like the woman who saved me

Almost five years ago…  Wow.

It’s my turn to help those kids in need now.


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