One Shot means One Opportunity

Since the day i took off my cap and gown,  "What do you want to do with your life?" echoed between my ears

Only another question that makes me consider

Whether to serve this world or watch it whither

Sometimes, I then wonder about my potential 

Only now I'll remember: a newfoud aspiration to be inspirational

My Dream Career?

It has existed since the birth of man

The very reason we remain sleepless every evening


All of the questions that plague you and me

What better a solution than to question.

 But It is not for my own self-fulfillment

With degree (soon to be in hand) I make a committment

My answers will never be private, much like the doctrines of Christ (which ill too proclaim)

To speak to those like me, confused , unconfident, even unsure about living

My double major Philosophy and Religion is only the beginning

My goal: to help those fickle, find a path worth pursuing, and believing, and being driven

The job that will change my life is changing other's

i want  to give them something to believe, desire and achieve; not really a specific career

Yet without those specifications I know one clear ideal

What is knowledge without it being shared? We have One Chance, One Opportunity in this world to make change.

So i ask for this one chance, one shot to make a difference and break the mold are you prepared?








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