Talking Doctors


University of Puget Sound
United States

People always ask me 

"What do you want to do?"

I could paint, I could bake, I could fly to the moon

But though all of these seem exciting and fun

None of these jobs scream "this is the one!"


The kids all around

Who wish they could fight

The hurt and the pain that plagues them at night

The bullies and beatings they face day by day

Leaves them sad and hopless, feeling betrayed.


Who can they turn to?

Who will it be?

I want these kids able to come to me

Here to listen, here to talk, a safe haven

Give them hope, help, a strong foundation


My hope is to help

Kids who are lost

Teach them trusting won't always come at a cost

Give them reason to live, to keep moving on

Each day is a blessing, a gift, a new dawn


What can I do

With this job that I mention?

I can help, I can cure, I can get the world's attention

Saving a life doesn't always mean medicine

Therapists can help give kids a new direction



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