Dare to do Everything


My car doesn’t run
I hate my grocery store job
And drama is so overrated
I want to be done
Get out of here and be through
Because high school is something I’ve hated
But what can I do? What could possibly change this?
I just need the chance to prove I’m not worthless
But what can I do
When college has not come
But sit back at wait for the time I want
To prove that I can do it
I won’t give up
And that I’m smart enough to do the things I love
You want me to tell you
What my dream job is?
It’s being whoever and whatever when the time comes
It’s acting, escaping
Being something else
Without getting in trouble, I can say what I want
I want to meet people, see places, do things
Without money being an issue like it’s always been
I don’t care for fame
I just want to adventure
I’d be an extra on “The Walking Dead”
Or an angel on “Supernatural”
No matter what happens
I know I’ll be content
After all, nothing is better
Than daring to do everything you’ve always wanted


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