A colorful knowledge


I've been there before,

the mean mugs and sneers as

I walked up at the board,

it was a surprise to find a young

colored girl in an advanced education

class, it was hard time getting into too,

Knowing all the hindrances and insults

people threw at me to undermine me, to

see me fall and break me down to see my cry,

but I'm not shedding no tears, oh no! This is my education!

My human right to stay and receive the highest honor I can get

and to aspire others of the colorful background to do the same,

Little black girls and black boys wearing matching uniforms to go off

to their private schools as I teach them about their culture,pride,standing up

for what they believe in ,and getting every parent's dream education for

their child, something they weren't able to get themselves, the education

for african-americans that will deteriorate the stereotype of "ignorant black people"

no,  we shall achieve so much through this inspiring generations of people of black descent

to do the same, ultimately changing the face of America.




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