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Where my mind is walking, on common grounds, People know me, they hear my sounds, Taking part in parcels, my eyes see farther, Asking whit you know, the path gets darker, For one and all, so the sayings go,
detached from myself I need another to fill me still alone but useful still alone but in the center   each action has a reaction giving each move a purpose a reason a care  
I Used To Play … " Cricket " So I Know About Boundaries Grounds And Wickets … !!! Don't Catch The Ball Beyond Boundary Lines … !!! Cos' It'll Be Your Downfall If You Step Outside …
It Seems Mr. Ross ... Has BROKEN Some ... " Boundaries " ... But If It's Not Him ... It's That Man ... " Ali G " ... !!! Or Maybe A Pundit ... On Late Night TV ... ?!?
I once was a small girlwho took on the weight of the world,scared to speak the thoughts on her mind.walking on eggshells to avoid confrontation, not realizing that with ev
Shuddering breaths, an exhale in each step Even for a text message, my breath trembles Planning out my goodbyes To a friend, once cherished
Right, veering right,Left, swooping left.Orange cones, white lines, speed bumps Preventing me from zooming so fast.But I wouldn't because... I know me.
Vastnessis a conceptcreated to stretch boundariesof perception and allow forthe unknown to present itself.
I keep trying to find The lengths to which I would go for you But every time I think "This is it" I find myself in deeper waters of your love Than before and I know that
[Female] Because I love you I won't fight Against your right to choose. I'lll respect your boundaries, The limits you've set, For in fighting I will lose Your confidence in me,
Light, Dense, To my defense, He was sweet like a sugar crystal.   Cut, Cubed, Too Misconstrued,
Heaven-hued are my eyes, the very ones which have been blinded a numerous amount of times.   And the cold must try harder to make me unfurl my fists of agony,
Close eyes, see your dreams Close mind, feel our beams Hover night, why it is so long One shake, one shiver The night, will be cold Inisght, none will be seen Tickle Tickle Tickle
                   Who are they, not something you'd expect someone to ask about the people they voluntarily hang around everyday.                    Who am I, more importantly are their minds pondering the same loose question?
What is culture? What is distinction?
Loneliness is such a bitter-sweet word Who else to you know better than yourself? The more you're alone, the more you know About what makes you tick.   Yet, what if there's things best unknown?
Naturally I wear my hair jet blac with no perm,Naturally I speak my mind if I see it fit,Naturally I am artistic,Naturally in nature I am me.
I cannot stand it any longer Should I fight and Should I die Would I feel at peace or cry? O' wonderful person before me I can't help but feel as if you tease me
Never get lost in the maze of making others happy, you may lose your own happiness in the process. No need to look, search, or wander, simply glance in the mirror, and look within yourself.
She’s broken. Broken into so many pieces from everything she has ever been through. Her heart cries out for a helping hand, but the tears just continue to flow like a waterfall. She’s terrified.
I see the Eleanor Rigbys and Gilbert Grapes everywhere I go, The people who forgot long ago to See beauty in people laughing, sunflowers shooting up Out of the ground. There are people who have never heard a canary
To be what I want to be is hard. To be what they want me to be is harder. To follow behind others and never be myself, thats somthing I have done for years. But I refuse to do that anymore.
There was a man. Who lived in a home on top a hill He lived alone He watched the birds come by his house He watched kids playing outside his home He wondered what it was like, to chase after that ball
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