On the subject of routines, friends, and whatnot

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 23:37 -- 4kelsea


                   Who are they, not something you'd expect someone to ask about the people they voluntarily hang around everyday.

                   Who am I, more importantly are their minds pondering the same loose question?

                   How can a person go through these routines and rituals when only to slowdown and look would make that person feel completely lost?

                   How can I avoid the pain associated with overexposure, but still be considered more than one dimensional, how much is too much and what part of it defines whoa person is?

                    What is expected of me, how can one meet society's expectations while aboiding shunnable offenses?

                    Why am I the way I am, it probably has to do with my raising, but shouldn't I know right from wrong, shouldn't I be able to put myself in another's shoes, why am I so self centered?


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