Social Poetry

I see the Eleanor Rigbys and Gilbert Grapes everywhere I go,
The people who forgot long ago to
See beauty in people laughing, sunflowers shooting up
Out of the ground.
There are people who have never heard a canary
Out there.

(If I didn't read or write
I wouldn't even know
About canaries)

I'm dark and stormy but not like the drink
I want people not to get drunk but to think
About themselves and their place in the universe like they matter
Because everyone matters

I need to sing in the dark,
The peace and quiet of a piece of paper
To remind the old man staring after the ice cream truck
That just because he's not buying anything doesn't mean he's left out.
I want the widow at the buffet to know
That just because the cantaloupe is dry and the Jello is lumpy
Doesn't mean there's no sweetness left


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