Shuddering breaths, an exhale in each step

Even for a text message, my breath trembles

Planning out my goodbyes

To a friend, once cherished

My feelings for whom perished

There’s a sigh in my eyes

Things could have been better,

Now I tremble with bitter anticipation

The agony of waiting, nothing can compare

To a bellyache of despair

Insults, big and small, I have bared

My heart is gnarled with vast thickets of wire

And with that final leap into the fire,

My chest’s metal captor desists
Parting ways, such a fate always exists

For every relationship has an expiration,

But with the unwavering tick of time,

No matter your luck, grief will be struck

And life will ensue, jaded yet effervescent

Setting boundaries were once complicated

But I will be the one responsible for the reigns,

Paving the path towards new friendships awaiting,

And even the rekindling of the old

Supportive, refreshing, and tender

I will no longer be bound by what’s familiar,

I will experience what’s new, beyond the boundary of what is known,

To my bravery, I owe for having flown

Some may call it cowardice, to hide behind a screen

But what is it to face a fear, no matter how wary you’ve grown?

Once again, it is the wings of courage I owe,

For my flight in the storm, a lumination brewing

I won’t go back, I will continue to soar


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