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Sometimes I miss being a kid Being younger Being cradled by my mommy when I get a scrape on my knee Playing outside with my sister and laughing Going to the park and having fun with my daddy
Is that really us? What happened to our graphic tees? The white tube socks? Do we always cuff our jeans now? How do you make it look that neat? We never really do neat Or I guess we never used to.
Dear chubby queer kid I know those words feel like insults now But someday you will learn to own them To wear them like medals you earned Because you did earn them Fighting every day to survive
Children are supposed to play, Not spend so much time wondering why they've been betrayed. At what age should a child be able to define dismay? How young is too young for a child to learn to hate?
She went to the park today, like she does everyday Her hair is in pigtails, her hair is finally long enough for them She asked to go to the zoo later, she loves those animals Her smile can light up any room  
Who could have known that dimpled elbows and clumsy steps would birth wonderment. 
I hear you are new at this school  Which I guess is cool Watch out though, the clicks are everywhere   See them the Demetes, the wannabe cheifs Those girls the fearcheer also known as Aphro-girls
I hear you are new at this school  Which I guess is cool Watch out though, the clicks are everywhere   See them the Demetes, the wannabe cheifs Those girls the fearcheer also known as Aphro-girls
When I was a kid I was shy/ I only made myself acquainted with the tools in the shed instead of friends Because in the end I would trade homework for friendship
I realized I wasn't a kid no moreat the age of 10.I started living aloneNot because I had no parentsbut because they were never home,where I am And even when they were home,time was never taken
Me? growing up? Absolutely not, the idea was something I never thought would happen.  I enjoyed riding in the backseat of the car, closing my eyes and waking up at the grocery store or the car store. 
The monster. It always came back to me, haunting me. My own mother cruel as she has always been Pushed me closer to the monster.
When you claim to not be a child, it's like Saying you can breath underwater or see through walls: Only a child thinks that. But to say an adult cannot be a child
    I grew up hearing All that I’ve missed- ‘Cause I still hadn't hadMy very first kiss. So I came up with a plan-
The busy streets of adulthood is flooded with cars The traffic goes by and next thing you know, you see the stars The busy streets of adulthood you wished to be as a kid Time flies by and you wish it didn't
I am from forgotten songs, From distorted guitars and double bass. I am from late night TV (Loud, blaring children shouldn’t be watching).
With a smile so bright Her red hair was myth Soft spoken and innocent  Surgery had not touched her snowy skin Until it was surgery fifteen I thought bones were cool
Dear Mom,   Who do you think you are? Abusin’ me, bruisin’ me My mind Hurts.All those words you’ve ever told me,
Dear Justin,   You do not know it quite yet But your fate has always been quite set; By the flourish of your sword And by the integrity of your word;
I remember you telling me,I was better off without you,that the world was better offwithout you. I remember how those conversations made my heart stopand turned my body to lead,weighing me down with fear. I remember riding in the car, my knuckles
  I lost my life to a familiar face, He went by the name, Past. He shot me down with bitter memories. He poisoned me with lies.
i'm just a kid living in an ADULT world ruled not by people, but trees. as much power as humankind believes it has, our desires motives are enticed by money. ADULTS tell me to grow up and i'll understand one day,
On an island, all alone, most people would be in need of their smart phone.  Instead of brining a book that will eventually end,  it makes more sense to bring your friend.  Together you become a team, 
Remember when you first started school
I am a foster youth, I am the voice of countless others Though my lips speak, this is the voice of my sisters and brothers The voice of those that are still silent in despair
round, starry, sponge eyes, burst under spiderweb lashes. dark scrapes on the knee make war paint from life's crashes.   full, furry eyebrows, tattooed with a crayola green,
I have new shoes.  They were my cousin's and then my sister's, and now they're mine.  They may not light up or clack or shine  And you won't find them on TV or ads  But if you ask me They don't scuff. 
All children grow up All but one A boy who never grows up best friends with a fairy a tinkering fairy Tinkerbell Oh how overly jealous she can be  her bells a ringing a tune
My dream job would be: a kid.   Now, that may seem utterly ridiculous. Well, it's "right" to think that, in a way. Experience may say differently to my choice, But first, hear what I have to say.   
  There's a kid who sits In the back of every math class He doesn't talk to anyone He does all of his homework
I have gone to school for many years, What I have learned isn't exactly clear.   There were many teachers who taught me well, English, math, science, and how to spell.   Mr. Care, he was the best,
 WrnAmbitious Blatant Contradiction Dead Eradicator Frivolous Genius Hasty Implementor Juvenile Knowledge Lonely Missionary Nascent Ostentatious Pride Quiet Rebellious Samaritan Talented Unusual Volatile Witty Xenogenic Youthful Zeal              
There's a rough path to your dreams, kid. You're going to get beat down and maybe even run over, You're going to reach a point where you feel like you can't take anymore. Not everyone can throw money at their problems,
Remember when the only thing that scared us was the shadow in our room.   We would be scared to look under the bed. And the closet was our only enemy.    Life seemed simpler when we were young.  
(My creative writing teacher asked us what our dream job was when we were kids. This was mine.)
I never was an average kid. While the other brothers workin' in their savage cliques, I was workin' on my grade point averages.
Childhood sky is full of stars, But when you get adult, Wherever you look, You see some clouds.
a kid is not a dictionary full of baloney like idiosyncrasy or etymology a kid is not a robot oblivious monotone emotionless automatic repetitive
blue eyes and green hair we all started somewhere juvenile games played ignoring all the bad grades best friends with an attitude teasing boys and being prude never knowing what to expect
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