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the mingled stench of green seaweed and salty waves  cascades the nostrils of the adolescent girl.
The leaves are changing,  The seasons are rearranging.  The Summer is leaving,  The kids are grieving.  Time for sweaters, and more chilly weather.  Hot coffee or hot chocolate in hand,
I lay in a room, feeling nothing. The dim light of the moon shines threw the window,  I lay there in silence. Where did my worries go? I wonder to myself. Life is empty, though meaningful.   
Crabs crawl across the rocks, as you walk along the docks.  Warm sand between your toes, as a cool breeze blows.  Boats sail on by, as you look up at the blue sky.  Sweat drips down your back,
I'm talking about the metaphorical kind (but not really). You can die from stress. My teacher once told me if you got sick enough your brain melts and you drown. To put it bluntly,
I can't stop thinking about you. Completely innocent, we fell asleep together.   Laying next to you under a big blanket our legs brushing against each other, our faces less than a foot away.  
I went away from all things I knew. I changed my view on life, paid attention to the little things. I learned to appreciate the small gestures made by strangers walking by.    I left
Come lay beside me, In the old rocking chair. Come lay beside me, With not a single care. Come lay beside me,
drop of blissful notes resonates, through eardrums, in soul; silence; serene
One thing I geek, that gives me eagerly a spark, Is when I get to peek, and view the scenery at the Park. There are flowers of all colors--some open, some buds. Plump fishes leaping out of the water, returning with a thud.
When it rains it pours they say, So go and find your zen; Even if for a moments time, Peace will reign again.
I wish it all to stop, I am tired of these tears, these aches Pressed into me and stamped on my back. I am searching for sunshine And for these tears to relax. Relax in the sun or in the shade.
I am a dreamer I look into the sky I gaze at the stars and I think of you You make me healthy You have helped me grown in so many way You relax me You are there for me when Im sick
Ocean breeze, you seem too good to see, always there by a blink of a hair,  passing your way through me.   You give me life, a sort I can't see, it all seems too good to believe,
The serenity of silence on a spring day. Clear blue skies and a warming sun. Nothing yells tranquility like this.
Let your hair down Take your makeup off Put your feet up Relax It's life It'll happen Release your stress Get up and live You don't have to change Don't try hard
The perfume of warm caramel married to spiced pumpkin permeates the amiable atmosphereThe stifling heat stammers a tired goodbye and welcomes the blushing breeze
Who knew the month of October  could nourish my spirit and comfort my eyes wth a warmth of pure light and a never-ending bliss?   Gold is delicately interwoven in the
A special poem for you from me a special bond no one can see I’m thankful for all the things you have done for me I’m thankful for you always being there cause when my heart was hurt I felt like no one cared for me but when I need someone to vent
Black and white days with overcast waves, gently fade away the summer daze. The leaves, they break up with the trees and fall helplessly for the dew kissed ground. A spectrum of green and brown that bring with them a warm sound.
A fallen leaf, An empty street, Cool air in my chest, It’s the time of the year I like best, Silence all around, No animals to make any sound, Time seems to stand still,
The leaves are falling slowly, gently, scattered   It’s a little windy, not breezing, not so strong
Think about your family, Tammy-Lee Look towards the future, Stu-Murr Take a breath, Seth Keep a journal, colonel Record your triumphs, Liumph Go to bed early, Shirley Create realistic goals, noel
Think about your family, Tammy-Lee Look towards the future, Stu-Murr Take a breath, Seth Keep a journal, colonel Record your triumphs, Liumph Go to bed early, Shirley Create realistic goals, noel
My head hurts. My bag is heavy. I feel it pull my shoulders down to my aching feet; To the ground. My back, oh my back. The brisk wind slaps me. My bones ache. My body stiff against the attack.
I am a mess, DISTRESS in my voice, I have no choice, of the matter. Grey matter, pink matter, Distinguish however you want, to. I am a mute...   But yet still my voice rises,
Music is beautiful, comforting and loving. The accoustics paint a one of a kind picture, the harmonies feel like they're holding you in a large hammock,
Black Coffee, no cream. Blending of a dream Blackness with a gleam A smile with a beam A day turned supreme With Black Coffee, no cream.   Black Coffee, not lean. Yet pure and pristine
Let's just sit down while we can. Enjoy the time that we have. Lay back on the grass. Just breathe and relax. Life's tuff but we make it. So just sit down for awhile. Kick back and just smile.
Dancing on the ceiling seems a powerful feat To lose and gain control with your feet, with your mind, with you heart All I want to do is start I've been sitting so long and thinking I'm wrong and...  
The beach is peaceful
impressions left upon grounddigging deep into the earthwalk on the narrow pathjourney alone, deep in the woodswarm air fills my lungs                 deep breath inand out
Find yourself a simple peace, Calm your raging inner sea. Rain still falls deep in your heart, Let the drops wash away the lingering hurt. Let it all go before the rain turns to flood,
Close your eyes and breathe Let go of the world around you   Reach out a hand and touch a star Ride on the back of a dragon Close your eyes and breathe  
Flat on the floor Where the body is in constant dispute With its downward boundaries At the pinnacle of collapse The result By itself No questions in this mutual embrace A solid companion
The tempo of my two feet steadily slow. My heavy legs overburdened from the day by day by day fourteen hour grind.
Clouds of ghost nothings evaporating across the dark Sun: stubborn. Stars, free, warm, dancing. Crying. Skirts. Women
The place with the sand and sea is abandoned, Empty. Deserted. Bumpy tracks of vehicles are freshly anew, But no other traces of a once crowded beach left behind.
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