Pleasures of the Park

One thing I geek, that gives me eagerly a spark,

Is when I get to peek, and view the scenery at the Park.

There are flowers of all colors--some open, some buds.

Plump fishes leaping out of the water, returning with a thud.

Squirrels scurrying up a tree to gather round tasty nuts.

Their tails hurrying in a spree returning to their spacey huts.


Gleeful people feeding the hungry ducks bread.

As the elated ducks wade and chuck, swim, flop and tread.

There are barbecues, merry games and of course the playgound.

Bike trails, bridge rails and slow-walking snails all around.


Joggers jogging for a couple miles,

Toddlers toddling with ear-to-ear smiles,

Baby ducks waddling and all the while,

I sit there smiling, all beguiled.

The Park is my "feel good" place, all the way.

If I could live here I'd be ecstatic, even just for one day.


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My community
Our world
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