Hot Shower


United States
33° 24' 33.4008" N, 86° 49' 55.4664" W

The tempo of my two feet steadily slow.
My heavy legs overburdened
from the day by day by day
fourteen hour grind.

I let the door softly swing open
just in case it’s still nap time,
because the commotion of ‘Daddy
Daddy Daddy’ does not balance
well with my brain.

Greeted with no to-do list and a kiss,
she detects my energy slain.
In tandem, we nod.
My mind already there,
my body ensued

The red knob twisted fully. I stand
patiently letting the cascade brew
until my groggy reflection hazes over.
Steadily I remove the thick chicken plant jacket
stained and reeking from within.

Inside, the head spews constantly
I enter, finally, only to begin
the revitalization that my mind and body
longs for. Nothing is relevant
but me, hot water, and the soaps.

Sitting, hunching under the warm massager
water strolls off my back’s slope.
I stare at the diamond gripped white bottom
exhausted with elbows on knees
as the grime drains from the tips of my hair.

Allergy ridden, my nose inhales
the effervescing steam of the warm air.
The pressure that squeezes my temples
is temporarily dismissed.
I feel alive again.

The heated relief continues on, sweeping
the aches of my muscles down the drain.
The soap is lathered quite heavily
as is the sea-breezed shampoo.
Only the smell of ocean will follow me to bed.

Lethargically awaiting
the temperature change atop my head.
This is my signal
for overstaying my welcome
The dreadful goodbye has befell on me

Knob goes off as towel comes on
The water drops cease.
The relief is dried from my skin
as I step into the cold breeze of reality.


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