Ocean Breeze

Ocean breeze,

you seem too good to see,

always there by a blink of a hair, 

passing your way through me.


You give me life,

a sort I can't see, it all seems too good to believe,

a life full of life, ocean breeze.


The way my heart jumps when I see the ocean,

a reflection of the unknown, once forgotten,

a blank stare at the horizon, motionless,

the way you look back at me, when I look at your for my answers.


Assuringly you complete me,

the sweet sounds of the crashing waves,

the sway of the water against the grains of sand on the shore,

partially tasting the sea salt as I walk the beach,

waiting for my answers to be written beneath my feet.


I feel so relaxed and at peace when I'm with you,

on the beach, in the water, or just looking for sand-dollars,

the more content I feel, the more the radiant the sun shines on you,

I need you more than you need me.


The joy I feel when I see you is unlike any other,

no person can fulfill this emptiness,

you fill the gaps of those who have left behind,

you give me new reasons to explore and find,

finding reefs, corals, and schools of fish,

there is no better way than to be in full bliss. 




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