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Le crapaud qui coasse Le crapaud qui crache Est malade Le temps et le vent passent Comme des pauvres lâches.  
There was a time where seeing you felt like home.  I wasn't in love with you, nor am I now, But you were as my brother, I tried giving you a home, a family, 
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
I'm scared of the manipulator I'm scared of the puppeteer I'm scared of the demon I am so scared of you From the second I saw you I knew I knew your tricks I knew how you operated
Hope is a magical word, Happiness fluttering aghast in the wind Blowing fears and uncertainty behind me I see a world reborn Relentless to strife As if it has cut away my anxiety like a knife
you said you wouldnt break my heart because you knew how much it hurt   you said i would
I Am A Pine   You had me believe you were a beauty  A seed, a flower, a fruit, a sweet, to me you seemed  Your dark branches enchanted me but you aren’t the wise tree you seemed   
Hey dude, yeah,  you. We used to be locker neighbors, when we were younger. Man, I don't think I can, get over what you did. You used to be, a friend to me, 
We just out here Trying our hardest to stick out By wearing weird clothes   All we Do is clown around and Love We dont really stick out Used up Vans and roughed up shirts  
Come in, sweet friend! Speak to me in calm whispers as I study the kindness in your heart.  Your brown eyes fade from my memory as you slip the knife into my back. I learn there is none.
Liar, liar you broke my heart first you set my flesh afire I gasped as you let go of my hand and watched me burn liar, liar why would you do this?
Knew he wasn't the one first time that I met him Wondered how many girls he couldn't haunt  But if he's a jerk then I can be a beach Killing his reputation for revenge 
I'll own it if I have to: I'm a liar to the core. I'm a liar through and through,  but I don't want to anymore, It's old,  what's more, it's tiring I can't lie 'til I lay expiring,
Liar is what I've become, To spare the feelings of everyone. I won't say a word, And you won't notice. I'll keep quiet and smile, And all my lies are worthwhile. I'm sick of turning to you for help,
What's the most important part of the outfit? For some it is the shoe, the shirts, the hair But for me,  it won't simply be found anywhere. You can't buy it in a store, Nor have it tailored.
I should've noticed that you never actually cared. Shame on me. I should have seen that you hated everyone around you, including myself. Shame on me.
I always knew it wasn't love. At least what you felt toward me wasn't   What I felt was love. I was real. Wasn't I?   Maybe I am just a selfish child. I wanted a boyfriend.
Jesus Christ, Who am I? A daughter of your kingdom? A snake in the bushes? A servant to your people? A wicked woman?   Why is this so much easy for other people? Is it really?
I go back all the time, I tell myself the truth and make the right thing simple. So why do I fall in the same hole? When will I see the trap and not walk in?   I am not my mother.
Hatred and distrust run deep when we don't say the right things. Even deeper when we don't mean the right things.   It's hard to say everything you need to when you can see that your loved ones despise you.
We all become that which we hate. Why is it so easy? Why aren't we stronger? Mistakes and wanton disappointment run rampantly in our daily lives. We make our mothers cry and teachers cringe.
Liar Liar Liar Liar Liar You fucking Liar Liar Liar Liar Liar Liar You fucking Liar Liar Liar Liar Liar Liar
sometimes when the night air is still the world holding its breath on the edge of a sunny day and gale I wonder.... what if I had stayed? what if I hadn't slammed the door and run away? 
Caught Redeemed Redemption Caught                Redeemed                      Redemption Caught in a web of lies.                                            Redemption Denied.
Not a word to an ounce of pain Nor a cry to weigh frustration Because even though I write this here I’ve given up translation
A perfect family But only to the eye When you come into their lives That perfect family has very dark lies But o'no one pays close attention
I am a liar and I lie to myself everyday Wake up every morning, telling myself that it’s just another day But I already know what kind of day it is I’ll be just like every yesterday that I hated
Authenticity is a rarity. When looking clearly you often don't see The parts of me I try to hide From you and from society.   Take a look behind the curtain, Glimpse the person you thought you knew,
Does it hurt ? Can you feel it? can you prove?  
You tell me, "It's ok, it'll all be over soon." And in a way, you were right.   It was over.   My sense of direction and morality. The knowledge that what I fought for was freedom.
If Winter only taught me one thing, it would be how to not respond when life calls for me.  Winter told me to ignore it, when my best friend called and pleaded for my involvement 
Since I became truly aware, filled to the point of overflow with the knowledge of my surroundings, you have been a constant reminder of the things I cannot have.   I am EIGHTEEN.
For as long as I could remember, I wasn't perfect. for as logn as I could remember, I was perfect.  I wasn't smart like the other kids, I was smarter than the other kids. I never had big dreams or big goals, 
Im hurt & i'm in pain,You still act the same,
I am taking off my diamonds, The emerald mask you gave me to wear To hide the hurt you left behind,             The hole you left behind. I am letting all my old scars show.
What you said was a lie. Me, loving you, endlessly loving you, For what?   What have I gained from you? Betrayal, hurt confusion... And so I ask Why?  
I always thought You were my diamond In a pile of coals. But just a wolf hiding in sheep skin; you devoured my heart there it sits -  Pulsing red and bleeding out your lies.
Tell not a truth Speak a falsehood Underneath the mask the veneer We are all the same Rotten to the core Little Liar  Take the stand Tell us your truth The lie you have built
I thought you were the victim Crying behind the hands that shielded your eyes Wondering exactly why I gave into your lies Trust Something we were supposed to have
Has he even noticed? Or does he even care? This car is turning, racing but we're going nowhere. He steps on the gas, my heart begins to flutter. We're free falling fast, but without God's ruder.
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