No More Pain


Im hurt & i'm in pain,
You still act the same,
There's no way to win or lose.

Because you,
Stuck me so deep,
I knew you were a creep,
You lied & said I was your boo.

All you,
Wanted was some play,
You told me you were gay,
But now it's very clear.

That you,
Have no love for me,
You tried to play with me,
But no more will I shed a tear.

You tried,
To see if im okay,
I told you get away,
I don't wanna be with you.

I thought,
You'd treat me like a king,
You know I love to sing,
My verses are very true.

Thats why,
Im done & moving on,
I've said it all along,
That love will turn you blue.

So now,
No more will I cry,
No more am I shy,
Cause now i'm very strong.

No more will I fear,
No more will I tear,
My heart goes to god.

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