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sometimes i think about the future only on long car rides sometimes i think that I will pursue a career in volleyball sometimes i think about you and me
The nets hold our dreams, 
I was on the trampoline The flip went wrong and in my head I thought oh my god I'm going to die, I'm going to snap my neck and I am going to die. And I didn’t care, I was motionless, I let it happen
My head was throbbing
My name is Judy Kariuki and it’s pronounced as Karaoke,  I love creative platforms so i’ll tell you my story.  I’ve always been quiet very reserved and so shy,  I’d let people step all over me, 
Hey Future. Did you know that this would happen to me? That this kind of emotional and physical hurt would slowly crash down on me On that day -
Once my dream was to leap up high, My bow bending, Letting my arrow fly.
Bony knobs on two tall trees, Faint white hairs and scabby knees. Calves like angles drawn in maths Glide lithe steps up rugged paths. Thighs of steel and hams like meat Help me beat a quick retreat.
sweaty palms deep breaths and tense muscles long-sleeved jerseys sports bras and spandex crew socks ankle braces and black and silver shoes and kneepads always kneepads
Bump,Set,Spike Its something that people say is easy Something so simple,yet many cannot do Bump,Set,Spike The feeling of performing one of the 3 acts is a rush This rush is something thats addicting
Pass, set, hit the ball, Feel the adrenaline rush, The sport I love most.
Notes: In high school we had 14 Gym classes where only The winners in volley ball wouild compete for the title of the school I was on one of those teams. But we were cheated,
You judge without knowing truely. You look at me with rejection, But I look at you with pity, Because you should see perfection. I'm not talking about looks, Not even about mentality.
The peddels to the bike were stiff because of that cold morning  Gears groaned as the wheels roatated, stuggling to find its rythem I was behind my friends,  but then again I was always behind my friends.
Volleyball is my escape It's where I can focus on just one thing - volleyball. I don't think about the test tomorrow The 50 math problems I need to do for homework The fight with my best friend.
What makes me cryYet makes me want to try   What makes me need sleepYet with joy makes me leap   What makes me bleedYet makes me feel freed  
There are many things that light my fire
I would change If I could change women’s volleyball shorts. their function is fine, They fit the way they were designed to I am able to dive, hit pass and spike in them.
  So quivers my heart in joy and delight To raise the gold trophy in sweet valedictory It took my complete strength, and tireless might To appetite my quench for victory  
  The game is about to begin, once the ref oscillates her hand I can hear my heart pounding louder than the bounce of the ball I look up at the scoreboard that is as blank as a check, then to the stand
The noise from the crowd, muted by the solid, metal gym doors Forces adrenaline to rush through my veins Sending a tingling sensation throughout my entire body    Warm Up music starts and the doors slam open
Sitting in the van, hood on, earphones in, Contemplating whether to be gutsy or play it safe. Tonight's the night we decide, To lose or to win.
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