The Semi-Finals

My head was throbbing

I cant see straight
Our score was five
There's was eight
From the floor we fly and flourish
We always trained too keep us nourished
I could feel the tension of there eyes
I saw three blockers, three really tall guys.
I tried saying I could do it, but that was a lie
Than I heard the crowd yell
In the least I knew I could at least try
It got blocked
But it wasn't too a shocked
But we knew there was two more sets
The team ensured me there was no need to fret
We managed to get the second set
But the requirement were still not met.
There was still a third set
A toss came my way
I did a little side sway
I saw a opening
But the longer I wait the faster it was closing
Everything was too my liking
Especially when I'm the one spiking
We will fly high
Higher than than the sky
It was close but it wasn't out
I heard all the fans shouts
All eyes on me
Because I never knew I could achieve such a feat
We won the game
Put the other team to shame
We made it too the finals
But that was just one of the many stepping tiles
Everything felt so bizarre
We knew we were so close but still so far


Nothing of an importance

Ngl its Pretty damn good

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