You judge without knowing truely.


You judge without knowing truely.

You look at me with rejection,

But I look at you with pity,

Because you should see perfection.

I'm not talking about looks,

Not even about mentality.

But between the nooks

and cranies, I am Contradictory.

Volleyball breathes life into me

I feel I am weightless

And I never have to worry.

Not even brush against stress.

The ball is my only concern.

I don't need to look pretty.

All I see are faces I can't discern

Because my focus is deadly.

I may not seem perfect,

But my sets are.

In that moment, I detect

The ball, my muscles, and a bar

I will set for every person in that building.

Victory I taste,

Not the lip stick in stores, slowly killing

With its poison lead base.

I want to change myself, my body, my mind.

Never a day goes by without despair.

However, I fight to defend the genes that are mine

Because, in reality, they do not compare.

Don't think I'm rude.

Don't you dare say I'm arrogant.

I'm introducing a new mood

Girls should be taught but can't.

Society holds us back,

But I'm breaking free.

Volleyball puts my mind on the right track.

This is why I'm perfectly Contradictory.

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