Tangled Strings

Mon, 10/04/2021 - 16:39 -- Cfargo

The nets hold our dreams, 

like tangled strings,  

The courts shine with our ambition, 

Everybody is getting into position, 

Beads of sweat form on our raised brows, 

Everybody is ready now, 

We are dressed in blue and white,  

Ready to win for the night 

Burns from the floor, 

Cover our arms and legs more, 

Our lips bleed from the battle of the ball, 

Wanting to win it all, 

The sounds all stop, 

As the ball starts to drop, 

We burrow to the floor, 

Just to give the ball one more, 

One more bump, 

One more set,  

One more save, 

One more point, 

As we walk away from the court, 

Everyone cheers for support, 

Our arms and legs bruised and torn, 

Kneepads are worn, 

We smile at our dreams, 

Still lying in the twisted strings 


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