A Change Within

My name is Judy Kariuki

and it’s pronounced as Karaoke, 

I love creative platforms

so i’ll tell you my story. 

I’ve always been quiet

very reserved and so shy, 

I’d let people step all over me, 

& with any decision I’d comply. 

If I ever had an opinion

I’d simply hold it inside,

if i had to speak publicly

I’d always run and hide. 

However, inside this young girl

was a desire to lead,

but those aspirations and thoughts

were far above me. 

I could only dream of being outgoing

and easily sparking a convo,

or being the light of the room

just leading the show. 

It wasn’t until I decided 

to play a new sport,

I never thought I’d change so much 

from playing on a volleyball court. 

I’d always watch from a far

the way the players spiked the ball,

and how close the girls were

no matter how short or tall. 

A small sport family 

was something so foreign to me,

but it was something so special

something I wanted to be. 

So I got all the courage 

and tried out for the team,

little did I know

i was a volleyball queen.

The sport felt so natural

I could spike any ball,

I learned to yell and scream

and I wasn’t afraid to call.

I became the loudest cheerer 

and I learned to not care,

I disregarded my insecurities 

and others death stares.

The following year

I became a co-captain, 

the coach saw a leader in me

something I never thought would happen. 

This boost in my confidence 

started a changed mind, 

I knew I had a calling

something I knew I couldn’t hide. 

I stopped being quiet 

about the problems I saw,

and worked with my school 

to get them resolved. 

I became my class president 

and I started to lead,

I was a blooming flower 

and volleyball helped plant the seed. 

Now I’m a leader

a strong-willed woman,

a trait I finally realized 

that was always within. 


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