Going For The Kill


United States
33° 55' 11.514" N, 118° 12' 0.1008" W

Sitting in the van, hood on, earphones in,
Contemplating whether to be gutsy or play it safe.
Tonight's the night we decide,
To lose or to win.

Remembering last time I stepped on the court,
The last game was on me.
Twenty to twenty-five,
We came up short.

As my teammate calls my name,
She throws me the ball,
And we pepper
To prepare for the game.

As the game nears
The crowd starts to arrive.
I feel butterflies in my stomach
Up come all my fears.

It is their serve first.
As they give us a top spin,
The whole team yells short
And i moved up to get the ball just as we rehearsed.

The crowd stood still
As they watched the ball go into the setters hands,
Being pushed out to our main hitter
Going for the kill.

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My passion for volleyball in my final game

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