My Passion


The noise from the crowd, muted by the solid, metal gym doors

Forces adrenaline to rush through my veins

Sending a tingling sensation throughout my entire body 


Warm Up music starts and the doors slam open

We run through the tunnel of sweaty, excited fans 

Each one "whooing" and cooing in our ears

Chants of good luck and enthusiasm 


I look into the crowd, "these people are here to see us win"

I say to myself as I snatch a ball out of the ball cart 

The leather feels so natural as it slides over my taped hands

onto the floor where it sounds with a THUD, beginning my warm-up


The referee's whistle sounds off 


Signaling the start of the first match, 

My blood begins to pump faster and faster


The first serve is me

As I walk back to the end line 

I close my eyes and picture a perfect ace


Toss once

Three low bounces

Spin in right hand,

I cant help but notice the purple and yellow blurring together

Toss, Jump, Contact



The crowd roars with excitement 

We all rush to the middle 


Slapping each others hands

And spouting encouragements

We prepare for the next play


As the ball comes back over the net

Its time for us to cream them

The pass is perfect


All of a sudden, everything slows

The ball soars in the air

My pulse pounding in my head

The faint sound of my hitters calling their sets

Beads of sweat rolling down my forehead


I make contact 


There she goes, flying to the hitter

Suddenly, everything is normal speed

The middle slams the ball

The point is ours


Smiles clear our faces 

This, this is our sport. 

This is my passion. 











Your passion is my passion! Do you play club?

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