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Old Henry built it with his own hands, harvested the wood from his own lands. He dug the well and laid the stone and worked real hard to make it his own.   Henry plowed the fields and tilled the soil,
Life is boring, Born to super starring. Illuminate. Thangs gotta turn around. Really can't wait. Miracle happens every tym. Culd be our turn. Better life screaming, where it's damn hard to find a gud wife.
Some call him lazy and his wife calls him a jerk.His wife is very angry because he will not work.He won't get a job even though he's an able-bodied man.Her husband refuses to get a job even though he can.
                                            I thought I loved you But I am beginning to love you more And more
                         Mujer, eras tan linda. Eras tan bonita Fuiste tan educada, tan joven y llena de vida. Eras tan amable. Eras tan hermosa
"Baby, I won't diev for you but I'd live for you, and to be with you forever, and till eternal. I just wanna live for you and to live the rest of my live with you
I love you the very best Even times of stress Please love me so I can rest
A real wife Is the other half The spouse Of the big or small house
The rainbow region on the Far North Coast Is where we met and I was soon engrossed Vivacious, outgoing and a wonderful host You came along when I needed you most   A perfect match, and soon in love
Two men died over a woman who was as beautiful as a jewel.They both loved her and they both died when they had a duel.This horrible incident occurred in the year 1802.Two lives were lost when both men were through.
When I think of you What’s on the surface is not what comes to mind. But it is what’s beneath that mine eyes define. I can’t help it that’s how I am, never shallow and always kind.
A woman of worth greater than rubies Never failing to fulfill her duties Through cold and drought it is no matter
I am Cheif Oduduwa. I can cast a spell on your behalf regarding a relationship, your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. I have the power and I use the power. I can change the course of your destiny.
Its not safe out there. For you or me. Its not safe out there. In the streets. People feeding their addiction. Others beg to be something.. That they are not.
I lay here as I think.. A dream, of another of me awake. I look up at the ceiling. Pictured. A smile on your warm face. How could I be so lucky, yet so foolish with my ways? I try to rest. To see another day.
Oh, So I'm the bad guy? The loyal wife? The woman you promised you'd love for life? If I'm the bad guy, then what would you be?
You were the one from the start. I knew it, Because i could feel it in my heart. You might get annoyed with my “big head”, But nothing more can be said
They yank on their skates, criss-cross the laces and tug on my hand with stubby fingers. The ice is thick and crusted with white chips Pondscum and cattails are hidden under the marbled crust
Through the door, he's late again. Even in the dark, you can see his drunken grin. You close your eyes, choke back the tears- Still, he turns on the lights, wanting to see your fear.
As we draw closer, We become the naked vine. The two become one- Breath combined. Her skin so soft, like petals of a rose...His hands fall across her, like a gentle breeze blows. 
Dear Future Wife, How beautiful you are to me Yet who knows if our eyes have met It pains me to try living patiently I will wait for you and will have no regrets For one day I will give my all to you
My “fashionable” addiction to cigarettes has given me a few things: One. A metallic flavor coating the inside of my cheeks , paired with a yellow tongue that tastes it.
My new Russian bride can only speak one english word and that word is no. If she doesn't start behaving like a wife, she will have to go. When I paid her way to America, I didn't know things would go sour.
Friends By: William Pia   School, we mostly see it as making friends, Spending time with them daily in classes. Every thirty minutes of lunch extends,
Am I your friend or am I your Man Somedays I just don't know I cry every day Your the one I truly want Why do I care so much about you It's been seven years that we've been in this fight
You say we need compassion, I say we need communication yet we both have a passion and our hearts will be each others donation. Because I love you I want happiness that will make us soar.
My Strawberry Cheesecake with a Milkshake   The inexplicable display of perfection that occurs when you smile and
There are so many things I will never be able to express. But you are beutiful like stars are beutiful. Your laugh sounds like a gentle stream over pretty little River rocks.
I often wonder what you think, Do I love you enough for the both of us? Or am I just a burden causing you to sink? Heaven knows I only want the best for us.
Here in a room, with a glass full of liquor. And crushed to know, I desperately do need her. Standing there, staring right towards a mirror. Feeling helpless, like a tragic bum filled with anger.  
The flow of our bodies begins to harmonize A chorus of grunts and moans crescendos   Urged forth by her begging eyes Our symphony climaxes behind fogged windows  
My father stumbles in Feet tripping over- Heel toe, heel toe At a quarter to 2 -Am, of course   My mother is asleep in her bed
Love the wife of Loyalty stands with her husband's arms wrapped around her and her arms wrapped around him in an warming embrace. Loyalty looked into the eyes of Love and said
My wonderful wife. Why do you not see your beauty? Maybe if you looked in the mirror a little while longer you could see what I see. Someone who is so beautiful no matter what they all said.
I found a faded photograph  Of my grandparents Not the grandparents you’ve met My grandmother who died of cancer The one I’m named after My biological grandfather who killed himself
I stagger through the gate and my daughter comes running, “Daddy! Daddy!” she screams running into my waiting arms. I lift her, I throw her up in the air, I see her flying, I want to break her fall,
"Just Married" signs are so  wonderful to be seen  on the back of a car speeding down the highway to a destination  unknown by onlookers.  The direction only to be determined 
You are... You are my crazy, my sane, my strength, my weakness You are my law, my procalamtion, my truth, my forgiveness You are my ride or die, my #1 fan, my soldier, my ally
She's drowning in a sea of shadows   The world fades away   The only thing in her tear streaked eyes   Is his dying face
 My Box    The look, its there for none to see  but me.    The way it is  I can not bear
Imperfection. That means flawed.  Doing all that you can day in and day out, living the struggle.   They see you trying, they don't see you crying when you are staying up late after work.
Come live with me and be my wife And pleasures we will share for life. So here I am down on one knee To show how much you mean to me.  
I am a mother a wife a veteran an artist a daughter But none of those words really describe WHO I am.
Australian actor Mel Phoned his wife to give her hell. Unknown to Gibson she recorded his rant And we all got to hear his unholy chant.
the Awesome mother of three, was crazy indeed she runs all day chasing, playing, and frolicing in every way
This is your life Free from strife From ever having a wife!
This is life Without pain or strife All you need is a loving wife!
Annabel Lee By Edgar Allan Poe
What is life?Without strifeOr a loving wife!
Your wife is what you are not, She is your missing half. She is in your life now, And doesn't care about the past.   She's always there right by your side, No one can compare.
  Black. It covers the imperfections and the happiness and the loneliness. A cold walk through the city park. You're tripping over your feet again.
As my skin captures rays from the sun, I start thinking about what went down. The way he hit her and how they both liked it, The way she started to pale as crimson stained his hair.
Its better to wait... Better to wait because you keep your heart and mind safe. Its better to wait... So that your love it doesn't become tainted. Its better to wait...
Life is like a nagging wife It tells when you are to age To become a lifeless salve One day that you must lie When all you want to do is cry When nothing is the same Take action
The briny breathes of the Humber welcomed my parents to the its shores, and left their cheeks flushed along with their hair unkempt.
The day is bright but there is no lightYou wonder how this could beIf you were meYou could surely seeThe beauty infront of me
Yes Sergeant, yes.  I’ll do your bidding. Take your orders and dress to your fitting. Wield my weapon to protect my nation. Yet, know in my heart there’s no relation.  
We started out on cloud ninewe never imagined being apartwe were forever, we were together.We had it all planned out, right down to the day we said I Do. But then the hate startedthe stressreality had settled in and it was trying to tear us apart 
You don't know me yet, but I know you,And I understand how you feel. We want the same thing. You feel like you can't find the right one,When in retrospect, the right one is me. 
Love is meeting someone and being completely smitten Treating them so well like a newborn kitten Love is agreeing to go to a volleyball game When the other just thinks it's really lame
  There's a beehive in my heartwhose bees buzz all nightthey’ve built honeycombs in my veinsmaking me as stiff as a tin man with no oil I bleed honeyand it attracts bears
(poems go here) Marriage   Marriage is tuff with good and bad days. Marriage takes work but it starts with someone whos willing to stay. When we get into a fight we fail to believe.
This Is Me Hating You I see your mouth moving, but nothing you say is true I look into your eyes and see, this is the real you. The happiness I once had for you, was killed by your lies and deceit,
I gave my heart to you, My heart beated for you. My heart would have bled for you, and in the end my heart died because of you. My body fell weak from the pain, The warmth I had from the kindness I showed,
If you want to lose weight, lose weight Come with me and be my wife. Skydiving, hand gliding, and cliff diving Kayaking or even adventurous sailing You name it and you will see Flickering fire shines our dates
In the mind of my mother dishes are cleaned and neatly stacked all on her account. His dress shirts are washed and neatly pressed in great, abundant amounts. In the mind of me
(poems go here) she said I love you to him and kissed the cheek of another she gave her soul to him but promised her body to the other
Bees are sitting On the Wind Drifting Feeding On the Wind Bringing life to those once dead Bees are searching On the Wind
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